In the early 90s, the use of aerosol fire extinguishers began to become widespread due to the need for alternative fire extinguishing agents that could replace Halon gaseous fire extinguishers in the fire extinguishing systems and due to the prohibition of the use of portable fire extinguishers containing halon gases and fixed fire extinguishing systems after the Vienna Convention, Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, which were prepared and adopted in order to prevent climate changes around the world, to impose restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the effects of global warming.

The aerosol fire extinguishers belong to the class of hot aerosol extinguishers and they are one of the most preferred fire extinguishers, because they have high fire extinguishing efficiency, their structure is simple, convenient and modular, they do not need a pressurized and sealed container, they contain fire extinguisher chemicals in solid tablets with long service life, they are easy to service and maintain, their Ozone Hazard Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) are zero, they are harmless to the environment and they have well economic-performance ratio.
AeroFOT is a trade name of FOTfire Control and Equipment Limited.